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I lived by my father’s motto until River entered the MMA cage, River’s brown eyes reflected mystery, and his soul held darkness.
Off-limits to a good girl like me.
One day, the demons that haunted River swallowed him whole. Forever passed away yet I failed at forgetting the beast who showed me a tender side of him.
Now, I’m the law. A cop.
River’s as gorgeous as sin. An ex-convict.
And I’m the reason he was tossed in the slammer.

Coach treated me better than any blood of mine. I stabbed him in the back.
This time I’ll twist the knife, steal his most prized possession: his daughter, my everything.
Tatum’s innocence was created for my corruption. Prison sharpened the monster she couldn’t save.
She can take down any enemy.
But her biggest opponent has a claim to her heart.
I’ve loved that girl for the better part of my life. Only one of us stopped loving the other. And it wasn’t me.

Trigger warning: this story has some dark elements and graphic language, steamy scenes, and twisted situations.