Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Join IndieSage PR and 80+ authors and bloggers on the St. Patrick’s Day Hop to celebrate!

How does a hop work? In addition to the grand prize giveaway, each stop will have a chance to win MORE prizes. You can enter one, pick and choose, or enter them ALL. We hope you find new friends, new books, and new authors to enjoy.

Start the hop here Author Amarie Avant’s FB Page ! If you encounter a broken link, you can always come back to the schedule.

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Celebrating the Power of Female Characters – 1st Annual Women’s History Month


Join us as we celebrate the power of female characters! We’re running a massive book giveaway. Be sure to stop by the main page to learn about a host of AWESOME authors and sample their work.

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Participating authors include:

Tina Glasneck

Allison Reid

N.H. Kerr

Colby R. Rice

Uvi Poznansky

Alledria Hurt

J.L. Hendricks

Martha Woods

Kate Rudolph

Dormaine G.

Felicia Beasley

Emilia Hartley

Michelle Jo Quinn

Aldrea Alien

Erica Ridley

Xyla Turner

Michelle Lynn

M.K. Gilher

Ramona Flightner

Michelle Love

Crystal Chance

Rachel Woods

C.J. Scarlett

Noelle Greene

Suzanne Whitfield Vince

Shelli Rosewarne

Ja’Nese Dixon

Jenny Hudson

Suzanne Jenkins

Kris Jett

Tysha Jordyn

Candy Gray/Amy Brent

Amarie Avant

N.D. Jones

Seven Steps

S.A. Hoag

D.V. Berkom

Danielle Lenee Davis

Lori Jean Grace

Martha Carr

L.J. Taylor

Eileen Cruz Coleman

Janice Ross

Mimi Marten


Alex Lidell

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