Seven years ago, the love of my life and my parents died in a robbery that went wrong.

Do you know what that can do to a professionally trained hitman?
Now I work for a government organization. My next assignment is to infiltrate the Marchand’s crew.

The information given is vague.
But what rouses my interest is that the family “business” of crooks I’m to investigate includes a Bajan little sister whose lips are the definition of sex and trouble visit

And yet Natalia’s soft curves are off limits—and not because her brothers will bash my head in.
No. It’s because she is capable of killing me herself.

Natalia Marchand
Anything a man can do, I can do it better. I’ve lived by that credo my entire life, and with my dangerous ‘job’ it’s always been true. I’m a rich man’s kryptonite. I can pretend to desire you and then execute a plan to take everything you own.