Santino Morelli is Tall. Dark. And oh so dirty . . .

When we first met, Santino called me “crazy, with a stick wedged between my . . .”
Yes, he went there.  He had the nerve to sound delectable while speaking in Italian. Santino’s captivating eyes filled with surprise when he learned I’m bilingual, as I chewed him out. Let me clarify, I placed the Italian and his muscles in a box labeled “for stress relief only.” Maybe Santino’s ability to worship and show affection lessened my Convictions. I learned my lesson though, a couple of weeks before Christmas. Goodbye, Dirty Santino!

Gina “The Grinch” Galloway shattered my heart.  Full disclosure: I took a few stripper gigs, but I only had eyes for her. I’m a blue-collar, pipe laying—literally, ladies, I’m a pipe layer, and I’m good at it.  I needed to buy an engagement ring for the woman I admired as strong-willed, not Ms. Scrooge.   Forget a second chance romance.   Once I return the smile to Gina’s gorgeous face, she’ll learn you don’t give up on love. I just have to tell my heart that this is all revenge, baby. This time, I’ll be the one to say goodbye, my curvy Ms. Grinch! 

This Christmas comedy will leave you shaking your head at the drama and loving the nice and toasty moments.  Once Gina surrenders her heart, will Santino remember how she was all he ever needed?
Enjoy this standalone, laugh out loud HEA on a cold night!

Where hurt people go…

Ephraim Levine had it all, except Maliah Porter.

She isn’t the one who got away, she’s the one who walked away.

He has adored Maliah Porter since they were children. She has epitomized beauty, innocence.

Everything about her captivated him. As they matured and their love grew, he worshipped her body and soul.

And then, without reason, Maliah Porter left Ephraim Levine, and shattered their unbreakable love. He was suddenly held captive by her memory.

His obsession with her ruined him… But it also shaped the attractive, brilliant Ephraim into a calculating man.

One who would stop at nothing to take what he wanted. Maliah.

He will set the perfect scene– build the perfect cage to entrap the Queen.

And finally free himself of the restless need to dominate the one who stole his heart.

Ephraim’s Hurt Room includes a devilishly, depraved, hot alpha, who has grown tired of waiting for his HEA! Expect the pages to burn with tension, passion, and a lot of steam in this sexy, brand new romance!