Make Me Stay: A Second Chance Romance LAUNCH: April 2nd, 2018

Hey Love,

I am so happy to show you the book cover to my next release, Make Me Stay: A Second Chance Romance. This story is just as awesome as this outstanding book cover. I promise that you will fall in love with these characters. You will love some and hate the others, but in the end, I will have you feeling every single one of your emotions and ROOTING for Avery and Donavan. My favorite genre is Young Adult. With this alias, I haven’t been able to use it so much in the past, as my fanbase prefers grown folk love stories. Anywho, Donavan And Avery have loved each other since the beginning of time.

I hope you’ll check it out a free sample of it and let me know your thoughts.

I plan to have a release giveaways, so make sure you download your copy on April 2nd in order to see how you can win an Amazon Gift Card!


Amarie Nicole



Okay, so whadaya think? That cover is hot as hell!!! In a good way LOL, sorry, I had to be goofy for a second.



Avery Castle carries the weight of a thousand moments of sorrow.
Donavan Hardy has enough anger for them both.

When they were young, bad boy, Donavan Hardy, learned sign language just to talk to the deaf beauty, Avery Castle. When her own influential father couldn’t be bothered with her “flaw.”
Then Donavan made her fall in love with sound… with music.
They couldn’t have been any different, but he was always meant to protect her, just like she was always meant to calm his rage.
Then, Avery Castle’s world crashed when the love of her life disappeared without a trace, leaving her broken-hearted and pregnant. She loses their baby, and her world plunges into darkness.
Seven years of hurt, confusion, and pain collide when they are thrown back together. Avery has to decide if the life she’s been living with the sizzling Cuban cop, her father approves of, is worth not having Donovan back in her life.
But Donavan is fighting for her forgiveness, to prove there were deep seeded secrets far greater than their love that tore them apart.
Donavan will force Avery to return the key to her heart no matter the cost…


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