Coming Soon

I’ve added a bit of buzz to Daniel Rutledge’s story these past few months, and I promise he will exceed the anticipation. For now, I’ll mention the ‘biggy’ LOL. I’ve changed the title of the story from “The Black Mistress” to “The Alpha’s Desire.” Well, prepare to be wined, dined, and sexed beyond your wildest dreams. Mary J Blige’s “Feel like a woman” wove through my psyche during much of the writing of this story, and I hope you enjoy it! Here is the blurb:


As heir to Titan Aerospace, the world believed my every wish was at my disposal. Yet for my family’s accolades, we’ve endured tragedy. In reality, I fight for my legacy, and I fought for her. At first sight, I was hypnotized by curvy beauty, Desire Taylor. Then she opened her plush lips, cursing me with the words, ‘I wasn’t worthy.’  I won’t stop until she’s mine.


I was too career-driven for love. In return, it took me hostage. Love was wrapped in the wrong package. I mean, the damn package was gorgeous, blond hair and alluring gray eyes, but we clashed. Wentworth Daniel Rutledge III, billionaire, controller was relentless in claiming my heart. I learned that submitting to Daniel meant he’d serve me too…  Somewhere along the lines, I’ve become The Alpha’s Desire.



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